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Singer/Songwriter Mary Kee releases new single “Paris”

When singer/songwriter Mary Kee recorded the single "Paris". The song was supposed to released before  Covid-19 was announced as a Pandemic and I guess...

Red Tan releases a song called ‘Toxic’ that hits to the very core..

Red Tan’s passion for music has always been on display – nowadays, it simply reaches a much larger audience.  Growing up as a young...

RealFans is the social media platform making millions for it’s users

When Hollywood speaks the world of entertainment listens and it seems like 2020 has been the year for RealFans . The paid subscription social...

OnnaDi  returns with new single “Keep a Smile”

OnnaDi  is a singer/songwriter from Ohio who moved to Staten Island, NY  to pursue her dreams of recording music.  Her new single "Keep a...

Thea Kearney hits all the right notes with new single “Last Breath”

Thea Kearney is  a  singer, songwriter, guitarist, and visual artist who was discovered on NewRockStars . She currently performs in an alternative rock power trio and as...