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“The Silence Has No Past” an album that is destined to take you on a journey

Jacob Mateo, born in Denmark, was always into creating music. When he was 10, he wrote his first songs. Already back then, they were about inner peace and how to live in balance and connection with others and the whole universe. One of the lines from back then, went: “Why are the money here – aren’t we here to share?”. This so beautifully reflects his deep devotion to spirituality and mind training, which is deeply infiltrated in his music.

Recently, Jacob said in an interview: “The purpose of my music is to create a window to the Present; a gateway into Eternity. For what is life worth, if we don’t spend it remove the barriers to Love and the Reality behind it all? I hope that my music can inspire everyone to take that leap”

Jacob writes both instrumental music and songs, and he works from his home studio in Aarhus. Often late at night. Besides the music, for a living, he is a professional and highly trained voice artist, lending his voice to hundreds of brands in the world.





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