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Glow Hub, an emerging new brand geared at lighting up your space

Introducing GlowHub, a company whose story begins with a love for art and design. It was started in 2020 by Steven & Eugene, 23 year old entrepreneurs who noticed a lack of unique modern art in the market. Their mission is to be an outlet of self-expression for the individual or a powerful driving force for the branding of businesses for instance to foster a festive atmosphere or to simply highlight the brand’s name.

They’re driven by a passion for unleashing creativity; anything you imagine, they create. Businesses have been using neon signs for decades to attract customers, and they continue to use them for a reason: these sources of light and information are effective at bringing traffic in. With that said, GlowHub’s custom LED neon signs bring life  and all the vibes, completely transforming a room or venue, and elevating your space.
They believe inspiration can come from the simplest of things, such as that of an eye-catching glow of neon  since neon lights are more than being about pretty lights. They are about making a distinct, unmistakable impression in the minds of your potential customers. The great thing about signs and symbols is that they have such a great impact that they become that landmark that people associate with what your business has to offer.

The future is looking bright for Glow Hub as they have just announced a unique collaboration with the prestigious National Reality TV Awards to celebrate its 10 year anniversary taking place on the 22nd of July 2021 at Porchester Hall London.

Steven Sobti & Eugene Palana, Founders of Glow Hub “The GlowHub Company is delighted to sponsor this year’s National Reality Television Awards. Being huge fans of film & television, we look forward to building a lasting business relationship with the National Film Academy”
– Steven Sobti & Eugene Palana, Founders of Glow Hub

With a vision and mission to challenge the status quo and add a splash of color wherever you wish with powerful visual and textual messages that stimulate your creativity. It is clear that everyone will need a dose of Glow Hub to express your identity, and instantly give life to any space. 

For more information. Check out Glow Hub via their Website | Instagram | Tiktok | to learn more about this glowing new brand.

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