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Sara Kensington


A Vodka brand revolutionizes the industry by taking an environmentally friendly approach

NEFT is a super-premium vodka packaged in its unique oil barrel since NEFT in Russian means oil. It is produced with the cleanest ingredients...

The new Gin and Rum brand on everyone’s lips

Introducing GinTing and RumTing, a fresh new taste on flavoured spirits. Launched in 2018 by entrepreneurial couple Kris and Louise Hindley, their  creation of premium...

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TikTok stars ready to take the world by storm

TikTok's Stars Mckenzi Brooke and Reif Harrison with 15 Million Followers who just performed at NYFW. Mckenzi Brooke is a huge social media powerhouse...

Nadia Lanfranconi is talking to the moon

Nadia Lanfranconi, singer-songwriter, and actress born and raised in Lake Como, Italy, now living in Los Angeles CA. After releasing a few tunes flavored...

New single “Empty” guaranteed to make your cup full

Born and raised in London, Anthony Williams is an aspiring British-Filipino HipHop artist with a unique sound and style. With major releases like ‘Loyalty’,...

British Restaurant Awards announces 2022 nominations

Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver , Levi Roots, Ainsley Harriot, Gino D’Campo, Aldo Zilli, Heston Blumenthal, Simon Rimmer, all make the shortlist for this year’s...

Discover Osteria MBARE the Fantastic restaurant in London, UK

The National Reality TV Awards today announced a sponsorship deal with Osteria MBARE for the 11th edition of the prestigious awards which is set to take...