“All Night Show” new album from Bobby Royale


Bobby Royale has been a dedicated underground rapper since the early 90s. The single “Frigginit Livvinit Loveit” was frequently played on SR P4. With the single and the video “Rock the beat”  and Monday Monkey Riot which was  nominated at the Supertoon Fest by MTV Balkan. Under the name Shizzywigg and together with Skiss he released a number of singles, the most successful song was “Inhuman Right” (2015).

Bobby Royale has now released his 10 -track debut album ALL NIGHT SHOW, which is a journey through time and space, proven the musical level with everything from quiet hip-hop ballads to pumping House-Rhythms. The last released single tracks has even featured well known Swedish artist as guests.

Bobby Royale reverses the trend and goes back to the origins of Hip-Hop. Simple clean tours that generate a lot of emotion and expression accompanied by a stylish musical precision.
Each of the four members have for the last 30 years enjoyed much success as artists or session musicians. They are 100% dedicated to their love of writing, producing and recording music in their vision of the future sound of hip hop in an old school style.

Album-opener the self-titled ‘All Night Show’ certainly sets the tone  with Bobby’s breathy composition certainly makes for a classic track. Leading quite nicely to ‘Skull Shakin’  a track that goes all out on a charm offensive by  pleasantly skipping drum beat and swingin’  rumble that all add to ambience of the overall song. ”

‘Remember‘ is a  warmly emotive Bobby. As the song progresses, it expands with contemplative notes, and amazing back story.

‘Raise the roof’ struts by with a high-stepping drum beat, thick and bleating horns, and thumbed bass line. A perky Bobby channels a future hit song which is certainly going to be known as a classic.  Bobby’s vocals rise and fall throughout the tune, sometimes turning into a brisk and quick sing-talking he she spits out the lyrics.

‘All Night Show‘.is an album that merits the word future classic,

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