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We delve into amazing singer/songwriter Jaea

Jaea‘s new single “Get up” is a war cry from a pop star who is on the verge of blasting through a brick wall with all of the immense power she’s wielding with that microphone in her hands, and in Get up , we’re forced to come along for the ride in what is my personal choice for breakout single of the year.

Jaea is a name that you should get used to hearing if you’re keen on the Top 40, becausethe potential content that she’s clearly teasing us with in this latest effort is too exciting to look away from. She articulately describes the day turning to night and the transformation of personalities that come along.

Her swaggering verse against synthesized beats that tower over us like giants are hard to keep up with if you don’t have the constitution of a hardcore pop fan, but if you’re someone who appreciates the indulgence of super pop, then this is right up your alley.

I cannot wait to hear what she has in store for us next, and with the year far from being over, I hope she shares at least a couple of more cuts from her forthcoming full length album that I can only imagine is already in the works as I write this article.

We managed to catch up with her for an exclusive interview..

What inspired you to get into music?
I feel like in a way I was made to be in it. My grandparents had an active role in my upbringing, they sing and play multiple instruments. Our whole family did. My grandpa would always say that music was in our blood. A part of our hearts and our soul. I loved singing at a young age and I could never forget how singing would make me feel. I finally couldn’t take just dreaming anymore, so I made the effort to try and make my dream come true. That way I could always say I tried.

How would you describe your music?
It’s a lot of different genres that I’ve been inspired by. I love RnB, soul, pop, classic rock, and I’m always inspired by the feel good songs of the 90s. I’m very eclectic in my taste in music. Sometimes I don’t even know what kind of song I’m about to write. It just comes out however I’m feeling that day, inspired by events in my life, or the music I’m currently listening too. My main goal was to not hold anything back, to be transparent with my listeners. Sometimes we go through it and it’s normal to not have everything be perfect all the time.

What would you say is your recording and song writing style?
I usually like to come up with the music first before I write my lyrics. I think of what kind of beat and mood I’m trying to convey first. Once I am happy with where the music is going, I become inspired by the music itself to write the lyrics. Music without words can make you feel emotions and you can paint that picture with your words. It’s all poetry. Whatever it makes me think about. I focus on that. I never really know what kind of song I’m about to write.

Where would you like to see your music career in 5 years time?
I would love to have music be a full time gig. To work with a record label or even have my own would be amazing. That’s the dream. To do what I love to do. It’s not about being famous, it’s about just genuinely loving the music. To sing is to be happy. If I could do this all the time and live an amazing life with the people I love, that would be the ultimate goal. I just want to express myself, inspire others to go after their dreams, and overall just love the work I do.

Where can music fans listen your music?
Currently you can stream my music on Spotify and Apple Music. I’m excited to be on these major platforms and will be releasing more music this year.

New song: https://open.spotify.com/track/0cJ8r4s5N23lGw5zpCUcqU?si=wwaxnhGzRoeSvB1trQCUbw
Instagram: @jaealive

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