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Noel Evans are getting ready for the National Reality Television Awards this year

Noel Evans was founded in 2019, with the aim of transforming the watch industry. The industry is currently set up in the way that consumers are more focused on how ‘flashy’ the design of watches are, as opposed to the quality and meaning behind them. Our founders are two driven young men, who didn’t grow up as financially privileged as some with the aspiration to revolutionise the current perspective of the watch industry. They aim to do this by applying innovative approaches to provide classy, elegant, and quality timepieces within a realistic price range.

Our two main objectives;

Firstly here at Noel Evans, the products we offer will always be affordable to the general consumer. Ensuring our organisation doesn’t isolate potential customers due to the price of our item. We aim to make it affordable to ensure no matter what social class a person is from, they still have an equal chance as others to purchase one of our watches.

Secondly, the quality of our activities will never be sacrificed; from ensuring the products we sell are above the required standardto the way we interact with stakeholders within our business. Noel Evans aims to ensure through every interaction, people are left mesmerised about their encounter with us by providing above standard customer service. Our objectives are achieved through the culture created within our organisation. We aim to always make people feel valued and important to our organisation by allowing them to become part of our family. We consider family to be the people we associate with, whether it is suppliers or the staff that work in our organisation, as they are a reflection of our brand. We find it pivotal that we create a happy working environment, that encourages people to be the best version of themselves. In order to create a positive environment that enables them to enhance their creativity and individualism which is shown through each design of our Noel Evans collection.

We currently have a limited but diverse collection of watches from our two stainless steels watch named ‘Birmingham’ and ‘Sheffield’ which are suitable for all occasions whether you’re attending a formal event or out for a casual occasion. In addition, we also have two leather strapped watches named ‘London’ and ‘Manchester’ which has a premium and more classy design to them.

Noel Evans currently operates solely as an e-commerce organisation, our innovative watch designs can be viewed on numerous social media pages including Twitter, Instagram, andFacebook. However, if you wish to purchase one of our timepieces then this can be done through our website. Even though, we don’t have a store presence we are still able to provide above standard customer service by having FAQs that address enquiries relating to our products, delivery information and warranty provided. Plus, we ensure to answer all emails with 1-2 working days to help aid any enquiries that customers are still uncertain on.

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