Unleash Your Inner Hero on the Tennis Court with SABRHERO – The Ultimate Luxury Sports Brand


SABRHERO is an outstanding British sports and tennis brand that marries luxury with style. The brand’s roots hail from both Britain and France, and they believe that performance originates from within, and the desire to nourish one’s abilities and enhance oneself is a rare quality that should be treasured.

The co-founder of SABRHERO, Alpha Ambaye, is an international tennis player who had the opportunity to travel the world from one tournament to another, searching for her own greatness. Throughout these formative years, she longed for better equipment that was more elegant and performant. She wanted equipment that would make her feel like a champion just by using it. This same goal followed her from her beginnings in the small town of Berkhamsted to her time living in Southern France, where it remained unaddressed in the background.

After testing more than 80 rackets in three months, Alpha decided to take action and create a racket specifically for her needs. She went through all the necessary steps to create her own product and went on to play with the rackets in training and tournaments. Soon enough, they caught the eyes of her opponents, tennis fans, and spectators, who wondered which brand made these rackets and if they could buy one too.

Two years after graduating from her MBA in Digital Marketing in the Luxury World from the prestigious Sup de Luxe school in Paris, Alpha decided it was time to launch the brand. She teamed up with Theo Fancellu, a budding designer, her sister, also a high-level tennis player, and international business student Mir Ambaye. Incorporating the customer service, attention to detail, and quest for performance and excellence that she learned from her mentors, Alpha set out to create a brand that is unique.

Theo Fancellu, the co-founder, had always been interested in the world of art. He grew up watching his mother create tailor-made dresses, costumes, and outfits for companies and events. She later introduced him to the world of performing arts, sculpture, and design. On his father’s side, sports were omnipresent, from golf, running, and football to the historical game of real tennis. His cousin was part of the training team for numerous WTA players, and his passion for tennis resurfaced two years ago with the SABRHERO project. Theo had always been fascinated by the world of luxury, with influences like Valentino, Louboutin, and Hermes, synonymous with his Mediterranean and French roots.

Alpha, Theo, and Mir embarked on a quest to create tennis equipment, apparel, and bags that were fit for the court and the catwalk. They put their minds together to reveal, through SABRHERO, qualities within themselves that were unknown until then. They created prototypes and tested them on over 150 players, including tennis coaches with experience and young professional juniors. They then used the data collected to start the creative process, combining beauty with sheer design to produce a tennis racket fit for a hero.

Once launched, they turned to creating bags that followed in the brand’s footsteps. The bags feature bold block colors combined with sleek, fresh lines, using top-of-the-range materials. Every SABRHERO item was designed and created to make the player feel like a hero, their own hero, every time they stepped onto the court. The brand’s ultimate goal is to provide the feeling that the near-impossible is now possible, and that players are capable of becoming a better version of themselves. Whether you’re a weekend-warrior or a budding professional, the feeling you get at that moment is magical.

SABRHERO’s leitmotif is simple: everyone deserves the right to believe in themselves. Their goal is to support, encourage, and carry you through your moments.

Release your inner hero: join them at https://sabrhero.com


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