Alimac sets it’s sights on the music scene with exciting UMA collaboration


Stylist-Modelist, Camila Banegas Espada brand Alimac is growing from the strength to strength especially after this month announcing a remarkable partnership with one of the biggest music awards shows in the world, the Urban Music Awards. The UMA’s which is held in 15 countries including UK and the USA is celebrating it’s 18th anniversary on the 30th of November 2021 and Alimac has been announced as exclusive sponsor for the Best Singer/Songwriter category. If you wondering what Alimac actually means? Wonder no more, because we investigated and got the real meaning which is being oneself and accepting oneself. A perfect fit for music as musicians strive to be themselves and tell their true stories good or bad by the music they release. The clothing brand is no stranger to exploring different styles of clothing that can be found in the world. It was this thought that prompted the founder Camila Banegas to embark in the journey of creating the brand.

The most important point is that Alimac is an acceptance of self. Camila Banegas commented “Alimac is pleased to partner with this year’s UMA to present our clothing brand that is creating its own universe whether silk stagger or discreet. This event is an opportunity to present with you a brand that is to create your identity that is in your heart. The UMA allows me to share my creativity as an artist and stylist to share with you a new style which may be thanks to you a new fashion mixer with who have is and fashion”.

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