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 Johnny the HOBBY ARTIST shows gratitude with brand new single..

 Johnny the HOBBY ARTIST aka JRS3 who hails originally from Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas has been making music for a long time. Johnny is the man to go to when it comes to HipHop/Rap music artists who are on the rise. He started in music when he was in High School taking part in the Acapella choir. It was at the choir where he learned how to read and write music. Five years ago, Johnny bought a MacBook Pro and some necessary equipment and taught himself how to create music and the rest as they say is history. He is back with a brand new single “Thank You”  and when you listen to this latest release you will find that the songwriting goes further than what you will typically expect with real peaks and valleys enhanced by note-perfect vocal harmonies and seamless transitions from one passage into the next. Thank You is full of timeless qualities and subjects that few listeners won’t be able to relate to. Moreover, it’s presented in a vivid, visceral fashion that engages listeners from the outset.

Thank you is an excellent building block for  Johnny the HOBBY ARTIST’s music career from this point forward, but it’s also a substantive release that stands on its own merits as a compelling song. The song contains several highs, which is more than good enough for a debut. Johnny is clearly a guy who has been through a lot but the gratitude shines through his work and when that level of emotional depth is combined with songs as slick and memorable as these then the result is something special. Johnny the HOBBY Artist’s future is looking pretty bright.

8 out of 10 stars

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