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New Album aims to balance your mind, body and soul

Music can sometimes be a soothing reminder to relax, reflect and be inspired and that’s what FLOWETRY.Life a platform created by Ghramae Johnson does. His new album ‘Calm’ pushes this therapeutic based music  forward with every musical piece created with the listener at heart. Each track has been intended to restore and preserve joy, peace and love vibrations. Bringing Soul, Body & Mind into harmonious alignment. When we experience this alignment and wholeness all healing is possible. We caught up with Ghramae Johnson as he  releases the new album CALM which is certainly an album  full of emotive frequencies that was created in love, for love and by love.

What inspired you to get into music?
From my earliest recollection, I loved all types of music. My parents always tell the story of me as a toddler attempting to dance to music even before I could walk properly. I was always drawn to vibration of a drum, the bassline, a beautiful melody. One day I was in a large community building when I saw a door half opened. I could see a grand piano in the middle of this grand conference-type hall. As there was no one there I began to walk around it in amazement and eventually sat down and poked at the keys. Before long I was fully immersed in its sound and the infinite possibilities it presented – I was hooked. It wasn’t until maybe 10 years later I decided to spontaneously head to a piano shop and buy a small piano to practise on. approx 8 years later, I’m releasing my first album. As I grew up It became increasingly obvious to me that it was about how a song or composition made me feel, that was the important thing.

How would you describe your music?
I would describe my music as a fusion of classical, soul with an orchestral flavour. I create from the heart with the intention of communicating with other people’s hearts. Its not an intellectual pursuit for me but very much a heart to heart endeavour.

What would you say is your recording and songwriting style?
I am an eclectic person (I like a wide range of musical styles), therefore I have many potential ways of expressing myself through a diverse spectrum of styles. However, this piano style I’ve used for this project is relaxation piano music. A style that assists people to calm their minds, align their thoughts and simply chill (be at one – in flow with the source of all life). I deeply believe in healing through frequency and vibration, I compose subconsciously with this in mind. I sometimes call my music healing music, because I believe I am a healer and I distribute melodic frequency that heals, aligns and re-organises the molecular structure of things, including humans.

This has been confirmed to me by hundreds of people telling me of their experiences and the way they feel whilst listening to the compositions.I have many stories but among my favourites is this one. I was even contacted by a doctor that has now established as the playlist while he’s in surgery, that made me smile for weeks.

Where would you like to see your music career in 5 years time?
Good question.. I would like to have many more albums out and coming out. I would like to be performing live and I would also like to create and compose with artists that I have great respect for. As a bestselling author within self development and human potential, I would like to combine my music and life coaching more in the future. I visualise a live event where I can play my music and talk about life lessons at the same time… a life-coach music concert, if you Like:)

Where can music fans listen your music?
My new album is called CALM and it’s on all of the major platforms to purchase and Youtube.

Click here for the Flowetry Official website

Click here for the Flowetry official instagram

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