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A project for health heroes gets worldwide release

COVID-19 has affected millions globally, and we all know someone whose household has been touched. Whether in contracting the virus, death of a loved one, financial, loss of relationships, and struggling emotionally and mentally. Kim A. Rouse a business and literary consultant, retired corporate lawyer, writer, and music lover decided to take matters in her hands to be one of the catalyst for a movement that inspires solidarity and gratitude. She commented  “I believe it is important for people to see that each of us can make a tremendous impact without celebrity status. We all have gifts and talents that can bless others. Now, more than ever, this quarantine is an opportunity for us to tap into that well of creativity, empathy, and action”.

The U Go 4 The World project is a message of gratitude to essential workers and organizations going above and beyond during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Proceeds from the album will benefit essential workers with masks, food, and other supplies. Kim put together a global music fundraiser that she wrote and executive produced using four complete strangers to do so. The main announcer and singer is Uni V Sol. 

The song itself  is a lovely track  reminiscent of the old skool electro 90’s sound which always Incorporated a dance element, fast sound and a positive message in hypnotic repeat. In this case really repeating how much the Health heroes have gone hard just makes it much more of a classic hit that you want to keep on repeat on your favourite playlist. The video itself is an amazing collaboration of dancers, children, men, women and health staff intertwined to really deliver the message visually that health staff deserve to be noticed and more importantly celebrated for their hard-work.

Kim added “I hope that people make a small donation by purchasing the album and products, sharing the video, and U Go Hard message to help make a difference. Enjoy this 2020 uplifting song with an old school vibe and a new school purpose! Thanks in advance for your support”.

The U Go Hard 4 The World single is out now and you can support by purchasing this amazing song using any of the links below;

Apple Music Link

Amazon Music

Tidal Music

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